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Horn Festival took place for the first time in a garden in Jerusalem between the 17th to the 19th of July.

First Prize:

Camera Threat (Bernd Lützeler – Germany/India), 2017, 30m

The first prize goes to Camera Threat for its unique and original essayistic form on the digital age in the context of the Bollywood industry. Camera Threat is refreshingly funny, and elegantly merges home movies and amateur photography within its overly aestheticized and coherent filmic world.


Second Prize:

Gede Vizyon (Marcos Serafim, Jefferson Kielwagen and Steevens Simeon
– Haiti/Brazil), 2018, 15m
Gede Vizyon is an original and concise short film that deals with arbitrariness and spontaneity. It surprisingly weds its mythical quality with GoPro shooting to create funny and memorable moments.

Third Prize:

Everlasting Mom (Elinor Nechamia – Israel), 2017, 14m

The film works cleverly through a gap between image and sound to coincide with the generational gap it deals with. The filmmaker focuses on a strong and reserved woman and confidently realizes her with restrained and distanced film language.

תמונה מתוך ״אמא לנצח״.jpg

Glickson Award for a Local Artist:

Human Response (Tal Ilan – Israel), 2016, 27m

The Glickson Award goes to Human Response for its narcissistic humor, minimalistic and precise imagery, and gradual development through repetition. Human Response exposes the absurdity in the generic response to deep human feelings.

מענה אנושי.jpg


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